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      Camile LeBrun

      I am finishing my basement with the help of a plumber. We have added the necessary plumbing for a bathroom. The problem is that now we are framing and the new copper pipes he installed are “sweating” hence creating some wet areas. There is no leak that we can find (meter is not running, etc). What should I do, and why are the new pipes sweating but not some of the older pipes in the house? I don’t want to put sweating pipes in my new walls!

      Thanks for the help!


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      joe the plumber

      i need a little more info. the older pipes that are not having a problem, are they copper or steel? do you have a recirculating system and if you do was it just added with the new pipes? the lines that are giving you a problem, are they hot or cold pipes?

      let me know,

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