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      How much should it cost to hire this job out?
      Can a rank ametuer Clutz w/out plumbers tools replace one himself?
      Are Badger Brands all a piece of crap?

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      this is another for tired plbg.He is the only one who can answer this post.Hang tight ,he will answer soon.He is so busy .The man is a genius.

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      Retired plbg1

      Badger disp. used to be a good one but I dont know now, but if you are a little handy and the instruction usualy come with the disp. you should make it, also go to and ask them how to install one and they will tell you. It would cost time plus material. What ever your local wages are there.

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      I can’t answer for the brand name, but I have installed three of ’em over the past 15 years. Since you’re getting a new brand (!) you’ll have to remove the fitting from the sink. That was the hardest part for me because the whole fitting turned when I tried to loosen the collar. The escapade ended with a recyprocating saw. But that only happened in one of three replacements. If you can get the old one one, the install is a breeze. If you don’t mind turning off the juice and connecting 110V wires, you are in good shape. You even get to play with play-dough (plumbers putty).

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      joe the plumber

      the badger disposal is the base model of ISE BRAND, one of the top brands on the market. i dont normaly recomend the badger model but if that is what you want to install it should not be too hard. first of all, all the ISE disposals use the same head assembly (the part in the sink) so if you are installing a $49.00 or a $200.00 disposal they are the same head assembly.
      so if yours is still in good shape you can leave it in the sink. and really that is the hard part of the job. if you stay with the badger model the drains have a better chance of lining up also. as far as what it would cost, i dont know what that type of job goes for in your area. we charge $65.00. Note: if you are hooking up a dishwasher to it, you have to knock out the little plug before you hook the hose to it.

      good luck,

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