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      Hi all….myself and a friend recently installed an Americast tub to replace a damaged fiberglass tub in my home. We installed according to manufacturers specs and a few days after the install my wife and I noticed a large bubble starting to pop out of the floor near the drain. The floor is flexible where the bubble is and when u step on it it goes down and pops up when u take ur foot off. Any ideas what this may be? It figures this happened after I had the whole shower stall tiled!! Oh well….any help or suggestions are appreciated.


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      Is that like a fibercast tub, if so sounds like the water is getting under a layer of it and rasing it up. Call he person who you bought it from and tell them it is defective.Did you have to put in the strainer in the tub, maybe you tighten it to tight are cut the material someway.

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