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      I’ve got a Delta faucet on the kitchen sink (1993). It’s a single lever. The supply lines are on the sides, and the sprayer hose comes out the center.

      Anyway, when first turned-on, it will supply water at full volume, but slow down significantly after, say, 30 seconds. After it slows down, the flow rate is about 6 seconds to fill a coffee cup… pretty slow. The sprayer always seems to work at full flow.

      So I figured I’d need to ‘rebuild’ the faucet. But it looks like the only way to get at the nut on the top is to pull off a thick silver “sticker”. I haven’t attepted to get the sticker off yet, but it seems like I’ll certainly booger it up for sure. What am I supposed to do… I doubt they sell this specific size and shape sticker at the Home Depot!!


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      Go to and ask them how to fix it and they will show you a drwing.

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      Gee, Sometimes you need a kick in the right direction. Thanks.

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