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      I recently installed a new GE 50 gal.water heater.All connections went smoothly, no leaks etc. However I now get a greatly reduced water pressure only on the hot water side. What did I do wrong or overlook??

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      Retired plbg1

      Is your CW valve turned on all the way is there some solder in the stops under the fix. check it out.

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      joe the plumber

      first check to make sure that your valves are turned on all the way. make sure there are no kinks in the flex lines (if you used flexs). and some heaters come with “heat trapper” nipples (the short pipes in the top of the heater). that type of nipple can only go in one way, so if they are on the wrong side or upside-down. they will slow or even stop the flow of water.

      hope that helps,

Viewing 2 reply threads
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