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      As it says, the handle just flaps up and down, there is no pressure when pushing on it. When openng up the lid and looking in, there is no water in the tank, either–it’s all in the bowl.

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      Sounds like your handle is broke are the chain came loose from the triplever.Is the chain still connected , if not hook it back up, if so then your triplever is bad.

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      Read the question.There is no water in the tank. Maybe you should change your reply.Ohyeah,use or instead of are all the time.Do it right,if you are going to do it.

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      Well…there are TWO problems.
      The fact that the tank is empty means that either the float valve is stuck in the “off” position or the the water supply to the tank is closed off.
      The fact that the toilet flush lever swings without resistance means that the lever linkage to the ball or flap valve is disconnected.
      It’s odd but not impossible that you should have two mechanical failures simultaneously. In my experience the situation you describe is isually due to a float valve stuck in the “up”, i.e. “off” position.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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