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      The vent stack pipe for the septic freezes in very cold weather. I have to clime on the roof to break the ice cap or wait until warmer weather. It is a 2″ PVC pipe about 14″ above the roof line. How can the problem be corrected? Electrical heating cable is not practical.

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      I dont know where you live but here we dont alow 2 ” vents through the roof, they have to be increased to 3″ 12″ below roof. Try increasing it.

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      Try taking two 2″ elbows ,or one 2″ elbow and a street elbow, glue them together to form a u and turn the u upside down and put one of the hubs or socket onto the 2″ vent.It has worked for me on several occasions.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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