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      Just moved into a house and we just replaced the hot water heater thinking it was the reason we couldn’t get two showers in. We went from a 40 gallon to a 50 gallon. The problem is sometimes we can get enough hot water for the two showers, sometimes we can’t get enough for one and most of the time we can get hot water for a few minutes and then the temp. will need to be turned up for more hot water. Any ideas?

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      Retired plbg1

      sounds like there is no refill tube on cw in the wh are it is crossing over on one of the faucets.

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      You know the problem is not the water heater cause you changed it and still have the same problem.Is your shower faucet a one handle or two handle?You might also have a thermostatically controled faucet and it is bad .Could be a pressure balanced faucet also that is bad.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      keely’smomanddad. the house a slab on ground construction?
      2.check the meter when all taps are turned off.
      3. check the elements are not calcified.

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      What kind of heater,gas or electric? I would have to agree with racefanone ,it should not be the heater ,if you just replaced it

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