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      The cold water supply line to my washing machine is leaking from the stem. The leak is worst when the valve is about 1/2 open. If I completely open it as tight as I can turn it, or close it as tight as I can turn it, it slows to a drip, but it won’t stop. The valve assembly is sodered onto the supply line and is in a very hard to reach area. The valve seems to be a 2-piece design, though. I can see an area where the 2 parts appear to come together and are sealed by some sort of gasket or compound. Can I repair this valve by replacing a gasket internally, or by replacing the half of the valve that contains the handle and stem? Is there a washer or a packing material in there that I can replace to keep the stem area from leaking? Thanks for your assistance.


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      If you can get top off take it to Plbg. supplyhouse and get the right washer for it are use graphite packing and put it back and tighten, turn off maim house valve first. There are so many valves so it is hard to say how to fix it without seeing it.

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