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      I have a house that is built on a cement slab. The problem is that everytime the water is turned on to the house the house floods. The house is on a lake a for about 10 years the seawall was not up. Therefore, my dad guesses that the house has moved and pulled some of the plumbing loose. I need to know if this is a reasonable guess or not. I pulled the fuses for the water heater and tried to turn off the water to it and the house still flooded when I turned the water back on. My next question would be, does anyone have a guesstimate on what it is going to cost to repair it if it is in the lines? Thanks for any help/info that you can give.

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      The only one I know who would answer a question like that would be tired plbg.Have you checked for loose or swellow washers?

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      Retired plbg1

      Since Oscar cant answer anthing about Plbg. I will try. Find a Plbg. with leak detection Eq. and see if he can find the leak because your floor will have to be broken up so that seems like the cheapest way. Try Bozo maybe he can find it.

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      Tired plbg. KISS MY ASS

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      Bozo wait til big John sees your reply.Been nice chatting with you.Dont take any swellow or loose washers.Tired plbg,say goodbye to Bozo.

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