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      the sink faucet runs
      do we have to turn off the water?
      how do we do it?
      what is the seat?
      it is the cold water
      we have no plumbing tools
      we have already read this sites official answer and don’t get it

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      What sink, what kind of faucet?
      Yes you have to turn off the water. Usally under the sink are shutoff valves. They can work or not. Be sure to check after you turn them off. Looking at the valve handle, clockwise is off.

      Once it is off, remove the handle (this is why I need to know the type of faucet – Single handle, two, what brand etc. as they are all a little different.
      Feel free to email if you can’t or haven’t taken care of it.
      Tom Saggau

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      By the time you purchase the necessary tools, and the parts, (and you may buy parts to replace stuff that is not broken), and spend time doing it, you probably should call a plumber. You might have to do it anyway, and by then you could have turned a small job into a major project.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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