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      Cable Joste

      I am replacing a toilet, and I notice that the slots that hold the toilet bolt are cracked. Therefore I would like to replace the toilet flange. The old fange is pvc and appears to be cemented to the drain pipe (also pvc. Is there a way to uncement the flange or otherwise remove it without damaging the drain pipe??

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      Nope not if it is PVC solvent welded there ain’t – ya gotta cut it off and start again with sockets.
      Sorry but it is true!!!!!!!!

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      Thanks Peter, thats what I was afraid of. How do I go about that? Do i cut it off just below the flange? What is a socket? Any help you can give is appreciated.

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      Retired plbg1

      If you take a small circle blade that you can buy at hardware store and put it in a EL. drill and cut the flange off inside about 3/8″ below the bottom of flange and buy a 4×3″ pvc flange and glue it inside of 4″ pipe.I forgot is this in a wood floor are concrete, if it is wood then all you have to do is cut the pipe below and use a coupling and new flange, if con. then chop around if it is 3″and cut out flange.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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