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      When the shower is turned on for a few minutes, the Clipsal safety circuit cuts in and turns the house electrical supply off.

      The hot water is supplied by a Rheemglass 31 external GAS hot water service. I have determined that it is the “lights 1” circuit and isolating this elimnates the problem.

      I recognise that this is primarliy an electrical problem, but it is ONLY activated when the hot water supply in the bathroom is turned on. Using the hot water in the laundry or kitchen does not trigger the overload. The shower alcove is fitted with a mains powered exhaust fan.

      Has any one come across this unusual situation. Could the problem be related to a water leak, or steam from the shower causing a short to an electrical circuit.

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      Yes – If when you turn on the hot water in the shower room the fan automatically starts up it is possible the problem is caused by a shorted fan electrical circuit either at the fan motor or the controlling circuit switch.
      I take it the problem happens when you turn on the Lights 1 electrical ciruit which points me in the direction of the electrical wiring to the extraction fan.
      The gas water heater has no electrical connections whatsoever so it will not be anything to do with the water heater – just coincidence with a faulty electrical circuit.

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