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      I just purchased a new 3 level townhouse, and everytime I turn on the hot water it takes 15-20 seconds before the water get’s up to the temperature. Upstairs in the bathrooms it takes even longer: 30-40 seconds. Is this normal? I looked at the water pipes coming out of the boiler, and none of them are insulated. Would it help if I wrapped some insulation around the hot water pipes in my basement (obviously I’m not gonna tear into my walls) Thanks!


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      It is likely a combination of pipe size, pressure and distance from the boiler and if your pipes are galv. they could be clogged.
      Check out this website which may offer a solution:

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      Being a new home I would say you dont have galvanized pipes.What you need is a circulating pump installed on the hot water side.Insulating pipes always helps some ,but in your case ,not a lot.Contact a plumber in your area and ask about installing a hot water circulating system.Keep us posted.

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      Hey bozo Wait til tired plbg.reads my reply,I bet he will say that the problem is do to a loose or” swellow ” washer.LOL LOL

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      I would have to side with Oscar on this one – a pump connected to a circulating system would allow hot water to be available at every outlet point as and when required.

      The current delay is simply that when you open a tap the water begins to flow and it just takes time for the hot water to come from the heating source to the outlet tap – that is your delay time.

      To overcome the problem have a Plumber install a ring main pumped system as Oscar has suggested.

      Swelled washers have no bearing on this problem lol

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