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        I have a Koehler Faucet about 15 years old. I put new washers and stuff in it and took it to the parts counter where the guy looked at it and verified my thought that it looks good.

        The water starts out hot and within 30 seconds it is luke warm. Water heater is new and turned all the way up. Really hot everywhere else.

        I also have noticed that when the tub/shower is running that the hot water in adjacent sink is ice cold. Also with this system when we moved in 20 years ago you could flush the toilet while the shower was going and not affect the shower.
        Not anymore, now anyone running water affects the shower.

        The house was built in 1952. They used 1/2″ copper on the hot water and I think its 1″ on the cold (bigger pipe on the cold at any rate).

        This is the reason I had a new hot water heater installed and it didnt help my shower. Now I am getting ready to have the same guy install a new faucet. I am wondering if it could be plugged pipes. How can you tell.

        Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. I need it. I’m gonna have to tear the inside of a closet up to gain access to change the faucet. The guy that built the house died shortly after he built it and took his secrets with him about this place.

        You can either answer here or email me at [email protected]

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          Sounds like the cold is crossing over to the hot somewhere.Maybe check it out are have a Plumber come and check it out.

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          Avatar photobozo

            Make sure you install a pressure balanced shower faucet.Ge t alife tired plbg.

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