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      The last 2 days had some plumbing problems, wondering if they’re related & would appreciate some help. Yesterday I got a new washer dryer, (actually used Kenmore) I installed in garage of 2 story house, washed a lot of clothes & wasn’t too surprised when I went to take a shower & no hot water.This morning there was still no hot water so I checked the hot water heater (in garage adjacent to W/D) & pilot light was out. there was a little water under the water heater but I think I have seen before, but I could not light pilot. I smelled some gas, there & went outside to gas meter to make sure i was on but smelled a little gas so called the gas co. to check it out..they gave the OK then lit pilot light, & hot water got hot again & washed more clothes, etc. Went to take a shower upstairs & downstairs bathroom toilet wife said she heard a dripping sound then saw a lot of water on floor.I had noticed earlier that the toilet water level was down & thought I saw some dirt or grit on the side of the bowl, however I have 2 school age boys who keep it occupied & I am frequently plunging..but when my wife told me that happened I tried to plunge as water was very high, flushed & it just started overflowing more..what nerve..usually it goes down. So I turned off the water to the toilet & about 10 minutes later more water all over the floor! Didn’t know that could happen! So I mopped, & an hour later I saw a pretty big puddle on kitchen floor adjacent to fridge! My wife wondered if it might have seeped through as the half bathroom is adjacent to the kitchen but I didnt think so..I didnt move the fridge to see if it was coming from behind it. So everything quiet now, wondering what might happen next time we flush a toilet! Also, we are renters, landlord is out of town a few days. Should we use the bathrooms at all? We have 2 bathrooms upstairs & half down. Wondering if any or all of these things are related? Also weather cold & raining here, dont know if that has anything to do with it as well as if the washer dryer had any effect. Any feedback appreciated..thanks!

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      The problems you are experiencing with the drains are NOT related to the operational effects you are having with your gas water heater. If you saw a little water under the water heater but on the inside of it around the burners that would be the cause of the water heater pilot going out. The cause of the ingress of water could be from a number of differing things – not the least of which could be a leaking roof flashing on the flue allowing water to run down and onto the burner below extinguishing the pilot light. The water could also be thr result of a leaking fitting or component on one of the water connections at the cylinder or worse still an actual leaking cylinder for whaich there is no easy repair apart from a new one. Without seeing the situation is is very difficult to establish the cause of the water ingress as far as the cylinder is concerned.
      The rest of the problems sound very much like you have a blocked or partially blocked sewer drainage line somewhere causing the water to back up and flood at the easiest outlets available to it.
      Get a Plumber in to clear and check them out.

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      thanks so much for the response.after another episode of the downstairs bathroom overflowing, I called the county to try to get them to turn off the water. They came out very fast, said that they didnt need to turn off the water,&
      that it needed a clean out installed in the front yard & that if we didnt have one, they would install it an no charge! Sounded like a good deal to me, however will take a few days because of the holiday weekend.My problem is I dont know what if any water to use. we have a 2 story house, the big problem is the downstairs half bathroom & also it comes out from behind the refrigerator. The dishwasher also has standing water on the bottom. Upstairs no problem.I must say I am totally confused as I was surprised to see sewage come up in gallons from my toilet after I had turned off the water in that bathroom. I don’t understand the pressure or flow rom upstairs downstairs & wy I dont need the main water turned off..however just curious if for instance I can use the washher which is in the garage..will it backup when it drains? Also the other restrooms..there are 2 upstairs..if we use either one, will it backup the bathroom dowstairs each time we use it, and/or is the sewage coming out, just our supply or is it possible there is other sewage i.e. neighbors coming in. Sorry its a stupid question, I’m trying to figure out if we flush the toilet upstairs and it backups downstairs, will it be just that amount or more backed up product. I have a genie & can clean up some, dont really want to vacate the house but wondering if we can use some of our plumbing..i.e washer, dishasher, toilet occasionally. thanks again!

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