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      Can anyone tell me why my radiant floor won’t work unless I have the mixing valve fully open.
      when I mix it down from 180 degees to 110 degrees
      the room starts getting colder and colder..When the mixing valve is open fully the boiler can hardly keep up … not very efficent..

      Thanks Dan

      P.s Would I be better to get a plumber or a heating contractor to take a look at this problem.. dgulley@rogers.com

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      Tha flor neds mor heet ta keep up. Wen it is oly 110 the heet is not enuf. Yuo need to get ii betwen 180 and 110 acordin to tha wether.

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      It sounds like the piping in the floor is inadequate. Or possibly the floor covering is too insulated with carpet etc. Check with your installer or try another one.

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