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      I recently purchased a home and whenever I turn on any faucets upstairs there is a knocking noise coming from the wall. We call the plumbing contractor and he said that it was the PVC pipes and that nothing could be done. Is this so? Do I have to live in a brand new home and listen to this knocking for the next decade whenever the water is running? It doesn’t matter whether its hot or cold water.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      atcskilz. No.
      Call a Licensed Plumber.

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      He He He ya know that PVC pipes don’t make no noise at all themselves but can rattle a bit if the holes through which they pass in the timber studs are too big when pressure/flow is applied to them. They need to be secured properly and at the correct spacings.
      Another thought might be worth looking into is the main water valve to the property if the seat is too loose it will cause water hammer in the pipes as well and, so will any loose faucet seating device.
      Hope this helps.

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      Thanks fellas. The noise only appears when the faucets in the Master Bath are on (doesn’t matter which one). But no other faucet in the house causes these noises.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Peter. you know that even in Kiwiland ya cant use PVC in stud walls.
      Polybute. Polyethylene, Dyzan & crosslinked Poly are allowed under conditions. Check AS3500.
      The Standards require that the pipes be clipped to stop any movement.
      But then in Yankyland Licensed Plumbers are only called in emergencies cause under the Constitution all Americans have the right to do Plumbing. Its only when you are licensed do you have to do it right.
      Maybe you should go to America & work for Home Depot. I hate to say it but TA DUM.

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