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      Yesterday my clawfoot tub suddently got stopped up. It hasn’t been draining slowly; in fact, it gave no warning that it was going to get clogged, and all of a sudden it takes 5 hours to drain the tub. There’s no stopper in the tub (as far as I can tell) – just an overflow drain. What could be going on? Is it possible that there’s a stopper in there, that has suddenly fallen shut? Should I try Drano first? I rent my apartment, and the property manager isn’t very responsive when it comes to fixing things; is there anything that I can do?

      Thanks so much!

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      It has an overflow , is athere a handle sticking out. If not how did you hold water in tub before, might be full of hair. Look around on floor for a co. plate depends on when tub was put in maybe it has no co.

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      Call the manager if you try anything you may be liable for any damage if any should arise

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      I have a rubber stopper for the drain. I don’t see any handle sticking out – the overflow just looks like a round piece of metal with holes in it covering a hole in the tub. I don’t see any plate on the floor, just the drain pipe going into the floor.

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      Try to plungeit are run cable through the overflow are call Mat.

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