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      It appears that my tub has had some sort of
      enamel/coating/refinishing, but it is cracking and
      peeling in places. Can this be re-coated or would
      it require an expensive (labor intesive) stripping first? Maybe I should get a tub liner instead?
      Who has the best quality? Bathfitters was here
      and the estimate was $1200 which seemed a little
      steep. I was ready to pay about $400 for the
      liner and $400 for labor tops (1-2 hour job,

      How many manufacturers are there of the custom
      fit liners? Are there patents that are keeping
      the suppliers limited and the prices high? Are
      there differences in quality? My father has a
      construction business…can he (or anyone) buy
      the liners or do you have to be a franchisee?

      I am in Maryland, near washington DC.


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      Retired plbg1

      Those tub refinishing usaly get loose. If you get a tub liner make sure you got a good caulk job where it meets wall and a good grout job, I think you can buy them with walls too if so go that way, if water gets under them then it raises up.

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