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      mike myster

      How hard is it to convert an existing HOT/DIVERTER/COLD to a one piece in a tub / shower? not been able to locate specific info.. thoughts appreciated, thanks in advance, Bob

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      Retired plbg1

      It is a fairly easy job if you can get to the pipes easy, The only thing is fixing the wall, you have to cut out some of the pipe and install new and anchor it solid.

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      moen and delta both make a repair plate that covers the existing holes you have to remove some of the wall at the center hole to fit the new valve body i don’t think the repair plate is especially pleasing to the eye however but it is an option

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      Ok, I do have good access behind the area at present, could make it larger and re drywall.. also, the shower side is basic white ceramic tiles, could replace them easily enough.. was wondering if anyone may be able to link a visual reference? WHat I’m getting out of this is I need to remove the h/c and diverter valves and fashion some pipes to come into the new one piece mechanism… just having trouble visualizing, I guess best bet would be to buy the part and take some measurements eh?

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      Go to google type in Symmons faucets click on Symmons quality runs in our family ,type in search window Cover Plate, will show you fct and specs needed, reply if this helps

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Viewing 4 reply threads
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