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      It is acceptable to use a water heater for both domestic hot water AND to heat a small loop of hot water baseboard for a small room. The setup in question used a AOSmith high recovery tank. It appeared to be professionally installed with necessary controls such as an expansion tank, relay, pump, etc.
      But is it O.K. to share the domestic water with the water circulating through the baseboard loop.?

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      i don’t know if it’s against code my (2) concerns would be that the baseboard tubing ( if it’s copper fin) will rot out rather quickly with a constant flow of fresh water and someone might see the w/h as a boiler only and introduce chemicals into the system ( anti-freeze, boiler solder , etc.)

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      WE do this down here but slightly differently to you folk I beleive.
      We fit a heating coil inside the water heater and run the radiator heating system through the coil via a pump. This method prevents the problems with copper flaking and rotting out and the chemical ingress problem as well.


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      No you cant do that.

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