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      I was wondering if someone could help me.
      I have recently moved to an old house and seem to have a problem with air in my central heating system. This seems to be concentrated to two small radiators upstairs.
      I have to bleed at least one of them every day. When I bleed them most of the water is clear, sometimes a small amount of black water comes out first though.

      It’s an open vented pumped system with a holding tank and header tank in the loft, a Potterton Suprima boiler in the garage and a coil Emersion Tank on the first floor. The hot water and heating are triggered by a central control unit and the room temprature by a thermostat (both in the hall)
      There are 5 rads upstairs and 4 downstairs. There is no pressure gauge which is why I think it must be an open vented system.

      The boiler seems to make a lot of vibration noise when it’s operating. Is this connected?
      Is there something I can do because when there is a lot of air in the system it seems to affect the effectiveness of the heating in the whole house

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      Harold Kestenholz

      Yes, you can make sure the system is filled to the top and the air is released from the radiation.

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