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      Last nite after flushing the toilet, a loud almost sucking noise followed. Now, after that, the water turned brown in the upstairs bathroom for about 2-3 minutes. Now the water pressure is low, the toilet makes a noise when filling that sounds like it either has air in it or some debris, although there doesn’t appear to be anything in the water. Also, in the shower this morning, it almost seemed like the water was charged. Anybody have any ideas?

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      Sounds like you had a loose washer in the stop are ballcock. Turn off water and take ballcock top loose and see if any junk in it. Also check your other faucets, might have to do all and when you take them apart turn on water slow and flush them out.

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      I would say your main water supply was turned off.Maybe someone was working on the system ,turned it back on and now ther is air in the system.Open all you faucets and bleed the air off.Might have alot of crud in the lines and areators might have to be removed and cleaned.No big deal,everything else should be ok.Let me know what you find.

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      I would have to agree with you Oscar,sounds like the main water was shut off at some time or other .

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