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      To whom it may concern, I am a fourth year Sprinkler pipe fitter and have had a lack of guidance from my fellow collegues..

      As such i am undertaking my fourth year of my apprenticeship and still dont know how to measure pipe properly. In particular connections from way up high,when and where to use a plumbob, what type of measurement to use for what type of situation and also hangers(measuring) and figuring out what type of hanger would be best suited for a nominal pipe size, ie we need to have this pipe 60 mm off the roof would i use a twist clip, saddle, bit of rod, skyhook????….

      This worries me a great deal as soon i will be a Tradesman and be expected to do things on my own and with perhaps another apprentice. Basically i am asking for some reference material that contains pretty much EVERYTHING concerned with fitting off pipe… I am affluent with my Standards but for some reason the guys have given up on me… Also some past experiences in fitting in with construction workers and how to relate to these people would be good…

      but i think once i prove myself i would have no trouble fitting in. I know this sort of work is easy but i have a confidence problem and i think that due to my continuous screwups i have cast a shadow on my future in the industry PLEASE HELP and have a great and prosperous new year

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      Plumbers measure from end to center and take off for fittings, as far as hangers well what is speced on the job and measure from end to bottom of hanger.

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      But this person is a pipe fitter ,not a plumber.There is a difference,you know

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