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        We developed a strong sulfur smell from our master bathroom faucet not long after installing a new moen faucet and flexable supply lines. It is only on the cold side, only on this one faucet in the house, and does not affect the shower in the same room. The only other change is shortly before, we had a plumber install a valve out by our deck. I noticed he tapped off the line just before our bathroom. The funny thing is that my uncle who lives an hour away installed a new moen kitchen faucet and now has this same strange thing. His house is four years old!! We’ve had an artesian well for over 25 years and never had this problem. Please help!! thank you.


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          Maybe something was desturbed.

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            OH brother,great reply

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              Retired plbg. Spoken like a true professional.Got to agree with Oscar.Sounds like a reply from a first year apprentice.Stpo and think about it.Are you really a plumber or just a wanna be?

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                I dont hear any replys from you two DUMMIES, Oscar& Bozoooo.

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