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      jon mosher

      Here’s my problem. All the sinks in my house have great hot water no matter what setting the hot water tank is on. The shower on the other hand has terrible hot water or should I say luke warm water. When I first brought my house the shower hot water was great but over the past several weeks it went down hill fast. On a good day I will get luke warm water or just cold water even if I let the shower water run it still does not get hot but the sink which is only about 10 feet away from the shower has hot water that you can see the steam within 20 seconds of turning on the water but not the shower. What could be the problem with the shower not having or getting hot water??

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      What is the name of your fct.some have limit stops

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      everything is kohler. It might have an anti-scald device on the pipes. Which does not make any sense to just have it on the shower part and not on ever thing. Like I stated before all the hot water outlets have great hot water.I will not know until I called the company that it installed the plumbing for my sub-division.

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      Have seen this problem before ,may have deposit buildup in valve body or malfuctioning cartridge,but have limit checked

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      Sounds to me like a build up of scale or similar in the hot water side of the tempering valve (anit-scalding device), clean it out and I am sure things will return to normal.

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Viewing 4 reply threads
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