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      Avatar photoSteve Buchanan

      I had the bright idea to replace my basement shower. Unfortunately, the new shower base doesn’t line up exactly with the drainpipe. The pipe coming out is copper so I thought I could bust up the cement, cut the pipe and move it over 2inches. Well once I busted the cement and dug around the pipe, I found that it’s about a 3inch pipe. I think the pipe is cast iron.

      How should I proceed? I thought maybe I could cut the 3″ pipe and use one of those rubber couplers with clamps on each end. Attach the rubber coupler to the pipe on one end and 2″ PVC with a 90 elbow on the other end. Will this work?

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      Avatar photoRetired plbg1

      That would work but make sure you are below the floor enough so you can set sh.

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