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      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

      Here is my problem, my water heater yesterday for some reason did not turn on, the result my wire took a semi-cold shower, I came downstairs and opened the relief valve to see if th problem was with the tank or on the way up. the tank had luke warm water. Iraised the temp on the water heater and it turned on. Now the tank is dripping from the releif valve and from the bottom outlet. I’ve tried closing the water inlet and then it stops. I tried closing the water main a bit but it didnt help.

      sadly, I pay per water usage so I dont want this to get out of hand. please email me any suggestions.

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      Sounds like your heater might be full ofsluge and when you openned rv and drain some stuck to the washer and aeat, try openning and close a couple times and see what it does, if it dont stop well you will have to drain the heater and take the valve apart art cap it.The rv you will have to work with it are maybe replace it.

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      Thanks alot, I got the curage to take the valve off wed. morning, found it full of something, when to homedepot to buy one and replaced it. works great now. THanks a lot.

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