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      Hello. Our shower stem ( think it is 1/2 inch ) broke off right inside the valve that connects with the copper piping. (1) Someone told me i need an ‘eze out’ to get out the broken piece and agree that would be great but i cannot find an ezeout big enough in Home Depot. Have given up on this option…. (2) Another guy told me to just heat up the valve that is connected to the copper pipe and then replace/sodder a new one on. I heated for long time but thing didn’t budge. Gave up on this option. (3) I imagine cutting off on the copper would be an option but i would hate to take such action as it will probably need me to do more sheetrock removal to get access to cut. CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME ADVICE ON THE BEST APPROACH TO FIX THIS ? IF WONDERING, TRIED A FEW PLUMBERS BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO WANT TO COME DO SUCH A SMALL JOB. Would appreciate any advice.

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      Take the valve apart and get a new stem. Is it a control valve are a shower valve, ether way you can take them apart, you can melt the solder on the valve with water in it you have to cut the line are drain it down, make sure you turn water off in house, if you can use an easyout go to a Plumbing supplyhouse and get the right one.

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