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      I am wanting to put a bathroom in my basement. There is a stack from the kitchen in on corner that goes straight into the ground and then goes across the room underground diagonally. I know this by the location of the floor drain and the stack on the other side of the basement. My question is what size pipe is needed to add on a toilet? It apears to be a 3″ pipe before it goes underground. Would that be big enough for a toilet? Will the floor drain being after the toilet cause probs? Can i connect the pipes above floor level? Any help is appericiated!

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      Your conection for the stack should be 5′ upsteam from floor drain. and the pipe should be 4″ in the ground.

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      Thanks for the info! I will find out what lies beneath the floor soon.

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      If you need a drawing e-mail me and I will send some.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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