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      i live in a 70 year old building. plumbing is original except for the copper pipes leading from the main to my kitchen sink and bath sink, tub, toilet etc.. pressure in the building is ok based on what i’ve seen in other units. right now i have nearly zero water coming into my bathroom. i know there must be rust buildup in the valves? can anyone direct me as to how to fix this or who could fix it for me at a reasonalbe price. i had an estimate as high as $600.00 for this!!! please help. thanks. jackie

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      If you just had copper put in there could be some solder are paste lodged in any one valve, take piping loose from fix and see how much water you get, if it is plenty then you have some thing in arearer are faucet, if that doesnt work then keep backing up until you get to main shutoff,you might have to shut off whole building to see if your shutoff valve is okay, hard to say if not there.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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