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      Avatar photoGeorgia Perantoni

      In one room only my base board pipe has cold water in it,i bleed and bleed the hot water begains to flow and when i close the screw tight the pipe never gets the hot water to run through it,it’s cold this just started to happen last night. I cleaned the drum tank above the boiler last week and all the other rooms have hot water flowing through them what do i need to do to have hot water running through it again?

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      Avatar photoRetired plbg1

      Is it the first rad. are the last, sounds like it is not circulating, has it got a pump on the line ,if so is it running, if it has aqustat turn it up.

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      Avatar photo516316

      I have no clue what you are saying, but last night i did get the base board heater in my room working by emptying the tank above the boiler some and letting the water flow back in, I bleed my heater and the air came out and the hot water came through i went and bleed a back bathroom and dirty water came out and it was fine last night, but now that heater and a back bedroom is not getting any heat. What do i do? Do i re-drain all the tank and refill it with water or keep bleeding those two heaters until hot water flows through the whole pipe? Please someone replay with an answer to my questions.

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      Avatar photoHarold Kestenholz

      The pressure must be correct and air blockage in lines must be gone. You are the only one who can see where air might be trapped; it is not visible over the net. Follow the air purge procedure at:

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