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      I live in a condo that is three stories high. Wooden structure. The complex was built 3 years ago. The piping in these units is “cpvc”. This noise started within the last 6 months or so.
      We are on the second level. Each condo unit has its own heating and hot water systems. Each unit has an AquaTherm heating unit which is a combo hot water/gas fired heating system with a recirculation system. This heating system takes heat from the hot water tank system. The hot water tank is located in an unheated room attached to the outside balcony. We are located in Atlanta Georgia where the winters are not severe, but the temperatures in the winter get down to below freezing at night. The noise eminates from the unit above me. I am on the second floor, and the upstairs unit’s hot/cold water pipes traverse through my ceiling. The noise is heard in the master bedroom ceiling area and in the kitchen. It is not heard in the living room/dining area which separates the master bedroom and kitchen area. This sound occurs when the weather is cold and is very predominent early in the morning say around 5:00am when the person above us turns on his shower. It seems to be the hot water line. It starts as a ticking noise in the pipe. The noise starts off slow and then accelerates and lasts for about 10 – 20 seconds. The ticking noise develops into a banging/knocking noise and then disappears. We can hear the shower continuing to run after the noise subsides. We will hear the noise again at night at 11:00pm when the person above us turns on his shower again. The noise seems to occur after a long period of time where the plumbing is at rest and not being used.
      We have recently installed an expansion tank onto the hot water system, this has not eliminated the noise.
      Our unit is identical to the unit above, but we do not have this same ticking knocking noise when we use our shower.
      Please help, can any one indentify with this noise and can suggest a solution.
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      Avatar photoAnonymous

      Plastics expand and contract quite a bit as their temperature changes. If the pipe is passing through holes in ceiling joists that aren’t perfectly aligned, so that the pipe is flexed and tight against the side of the hole, this squeaking, tapping, slide can be the result.

      The only solution I know of is to open the ceiling, and loosen the pipes by enlarging the drilled holes they pass through.

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