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      HELP! My tub and bathroom sink drains are very slow, if not clogged. I have tried Liquid Plummer, Drano, and white vinegar/baking soda. I was able to clear out my tub drain with the white vinegar/baking soda trick, but the bathroom sink will not even drain the vinegar. My kitchen sinks drain just fine, so I don’t think it’s a sewer main issue. My friend says I should try muraic acid on the bathroom sink, but I am worried I’ll damage the pipes. Aside from calling a professional on Christmas Eve day (I am having company for the holidays), what should I do?

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      Dont use any acid. It sounds like the stopper part of the drain is full of hair. Look at drain comming from sink, if it has a lever and rod to lift up drain take nut loose in back and take it apart and pull out stopper and see if it is full of hair.

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