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      My electric water heater is leaking from the 850kpa, cold water inlet, pressure relief valve.

      I replaced the valve but the unit still leaks even though the system is turned off.

      There is a pressure reducing valve fitted on the cold water inlet immediately after the supply isolation valve but before the pressure relief valve.

      Is it possible that this is faulty and is causing the leak?

      Note the tpr (1000KPA , 99 DEG CELCIUS) IS NOT LEAKING.

      The cold water pressure reducing valve reduces the pressure to 500kpa.

      Advice anyone!

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      Retired plbg1

      Tell me what is leaking without all those numbers. Is it the cw inlet are the releifvalve.

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      Best call a plumber.If you cant see where the leak is coming from,the easiest part of the process,how you going to fix it?You could go out and buy a bunch of material ,spend alot of moneynd still have a leak.Let a pro do it.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      hoffy. Sounds like you are from Australia from your description.
      In Australia “Queensland” the AS3500 calls for a max pressure of 500kp, the recommendation is to install a 500kpa PLV at the meter, however a lot of plumbers install the plv at the HWS.
      Some councils, because of TDS or calcium levels in the supply require a HT50 or PRV to be installed — so if the HT55 valve (high temp & high press reliefe valve) is set to 1000 kpa the install a 850kpa prv.
      If you have replaced this item in Australia, you have carried out illegal plumbing! & I cannot in all honesty abet any illegal work. & you have by your DIY attitude voided your warranty on the HWS.
      Call a Licensed Plumber.

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      do thye hav spanshun tanks in Ausralia?

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      Hello Nick a.k.a. S.T. HOWS THINGS IN N.Y.C.? Getting all those roof drains fixed?

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      NickHydro. No! we do not have and no we are not permitted to install any thing after the reliefe valve.

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      Where is the pressure reducing valve located? Does it only reduce the pressure to the hot water system or whole house?
      You have answered your own question when you say that the valve still leaks when the system is turned off even when you replaced it. If there is no water going in to the water heater nothing can come out unless it is coming from somewhere else. It could be a cross-connection from a faucet. Get a pressure gauge on the hot water system and find out what the pressure actually is!! I would suggest the valve is only doing its intended job which is to releive a buildup in pressure (over 850 kPa).

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