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      I have a simple regarding dual thermostat electric water heaters. Specifically this one is a Ruud. I determined today that the lower element was bad (cont. check) and replaced the element. Now it seems that there is only one leg live on the lower element and power to the lower thermostat. Simple as this question is, are both the lower and upper element powered at the same time? My thoughts are yes and that the lower thermo is bad as well but its been a long damn time since i have messed with water heaters. Please let me know and be gentle, I know it seems like a silly question.


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      Please check http://WWW.Rheem.com for a complete information on trouble shooting electric water heaterd. ( The top element fires up first. Then when it reaches temperature, the upper theromstat turns off and the lower thermostat turns on the bottom element. John.

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