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      I’ve replaced the clapper and the toilet flushes ok. The tank fills up past the water line. The water in the tank preceeds to drop below the water line. Then the tank fills up again. What’s going on with this? I have a plactic ballcock and don’t know if I can adjust it or should I buy a new one. Can someone help me.

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      You are losing water through the clapper.k.a. flapper.Make sure it is seated securely on the flush valve.Sure you got the correct flapper?Also check to be sure the chain is loose enough to seat the flapper properly.

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      If you have hard water in your area, some times a ridge developes on the rim of the flush valve (where the flapper closes). Use emery cloth (sand paper) and lightly sand smooth. Make sure the flapper closes properly. John.

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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