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      Avatar photopiegie

      If I threaded a piece of pipe all the way without turning it end for end and backed the die off and cut the end off the rest of the unthreaded portion with a hacksaw ,would either end thread into a fitting properly?Sounds crazy ,but I need an all thread nipple so I can run a jam nut onit to hold a lab fixture down soild on a counter top

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      Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

      Bozo. In Australia we call a pipe with a thread the entire lenght on the outside a “Long thread” or “Allthread” & we use a “back nut”.
      These items can be procured from any Plumbing supplier.

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      Avatar photobozo

      Thanks,Bob. I guess the one I made will work .I figured it would,just wanted to make sure.

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      Avatar photoSelgas

      Heck why don’t ya just go down to the Plumbers shop and buy a length of threaded nippling tube.

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      Avatar photobozo

      Peter,I tryed ,but could not find any.

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      Avatar photoracefanone

      Bozo take a chill pill.

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