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      Bruce Forthofer

      I just bought an older home and I have bad cold water pressure in the upstairs bathroom. The first floor water pressure is good, both hot and cold. However, the cold water in the bathroom sink upstairs just dribbles out and it’s almost non-existent when you flush the toilet! I tried changing the internal stem in the cold water faucet, but that didn’t help at all. Also, the cold water dripped slowly out of the faucet head, even w/ the new stem. Someone suggested that I may need to replace all the pipes going up to my upstairs, because the inside of the pipes were probably corroded.

      Is there an alternative solution that we’re missing? Or am I just gonna pay for a substantial part of someone’s Christmas gift this year?

      Thanks for taking the time and sharing your wisdom,

      elmer [email protected]

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      Retired plbg1

      Take the pipe loose from sink and see how much water you got at stop, turn off water before you take it loose from sink. If you dont have any then well it might be time to change pipes. If you have seperate valves for upstairs make sure they are on. Turn off main valve for house and take bonnet off of the valve and see how much water you got there.

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      It may not be nessary to repipe your lines. Ther is a new proccess by which they “sand blast” the interior of the pipe & then recote the interior with epoxy. Two companies offer said process. Ace Dura Flow in Placentia , CA and Curaflow Technologies in Vancouver, BC.
      Go WWW. Reeves Journal. com for a full story. John from Rider.null

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