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      Please help! I dropped two pear halves (the kind canned in syrup) down my garbage disposal. Now whenever I run the water, it backs up into that side of the sink. Then, if I turn on the garbage disposal the water will drain down, but the other side of the sink will fill with water! When I turn off the disposal the other side of the sink will drain partially and fill the garbage disposal side back with water, so that they are equally filled. If I wait 5-10 minutes the water on both sides will eventually drain completely. Since I couldn’t wash dishes in the sink I ran the dishwasher and both sides filled with hot dirty water during the washer’s cycle. I tried to run the disposal again and all the same things happened, except there was more water this time…and now neither side will drain at all!! I tried using a plunger and that didn’t work. My garbage disposal is only a few months old and my pipes are plastic. What can I do? I will go to a hardware store and purchase whatever is necessary, I just don’t want to have to replace my garbage disposal again (last time my daughter dropped pineapple pieces down it). In someone else’s message they suggested an auger. Will that work? Is it very expensive? Are the pears stuck in my pipes, so that if I took a piece off it would be inside? Please advise.
      Thank you, Alyssa from Texas

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      TexasAlyssa.The money that you have spent in an attempt to save money has been wasted, Call a plumber! A reputable Licensed Plumber & have a Merrymas

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      In Texas drain cleaners must be licensed. Be sure to ask if he is licensed. Best way to clear that stoppage is with a Drain cleaning machine.

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