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      jerome brown

      I’m remodeling a two story bungalow and adding a second story bathroom. I’ve bought and restored a five-foot claw tub. Now a local plumbing supply shop told me to take a sledge hammer to it. They warned that it could fall through the floor because all the weight (tub, water, person) is distributed on four tiny feet. It’ll sit on a tile floor which is laid on a 1/2 inch thick mud bath. I can’t see if the feet will land on a joist or not. Do I trash my tub or install anyway?

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      There are so many variables, such as joist spacing, subfloor thickness and material, etc., that no one could say for sure the tub will fall through the floor.

      Can you open the ceiling on the first floor below where the tub sits on the second floor? If yes, you can add more framing material to support the weight better. Is this person working in the local plumbing supply shop an actual plumber who worked on two story homes in your area, allowing them to have the knowledge of how your home is constructed? I believe not, or why is he working in a plumbing supply shop.

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      while it might be possible that a claw foot of the tub could go through the floor, (and i doubt it, as your concrete bed is on some kind of subfloor, so there is quite a bit of overall strength), rest assured that the whole tub will not go through the floor, as the joists will hold it. of course, you may get a major water spill.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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