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      Brodie Havelock

      I want to install a jucuzzi type tub on the third floor of a tri-level house, My problem is that it’s cement and the existing plumbing is set-up for a shower stall.(the plumbing is embedded in the cement) And were I want to position the tub it would be on the other end of the room away from the connections. Any ideas of how to do the plumbing.

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      Retired plbg1

      Go down floor below and break out ceiling and take out shower trap and run over towards your jugusie and put in a y and run a vent up in the wall off the branch and put in trap in other op.

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      Thank You, Retired plbg but as mentioned in my posting the third floor in this tri-level house has a Cement foundation and the plumbing is embedded in the concrete. I would really like an other idea.



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      You will have to break the concrete up and move the drain down the other end.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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