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      I live in two-story house that is 2 (almost 3) years old and has a leaking problem in our ceiling over the dining room. We have called a contractor introduced to us by the insurance company (who did the repair estimate) to investigate this problem and found out that the problem was caused by the leakage through a shower pan upstairs after cutting out some holes in the ceiling. It looks as if the shower pan was too big for the drainage pipe, and there is a rotten rope hanging between it, which might have been used as filler between the pan and the pipe. Is what described above a common practice in plumbing? When we turned on the shower faucet for a test, the water started leaking between the pan and the pipe and eventually fell as a stream. We have called the builder of the house, but they say the 1year warrantee is already over and we have to fix/pay it ourselves. In this situation, what would be the best step to follow?
      Thank you and I am grateful for any advice in advance.

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      It depends on what kind you have some of them you have to pour a lead joint some have a rubber dougnut the goes in the space and has a ring to tighten to make it leak proof, if it is coc. are tezz. you pour a joint if fiber glass then you us e doughnut.

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