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      My parents in Michigan have been having problems for over a year with what they have been
      told is sewer gas. The fumes come intermittently at night and feel like they are burning their
      lungs and noses. I have been there and experienced it myself and it is very difficult to breath.
      They have had a number of plumbers and agencies there trying to fix it. Do you have any
      suggestions? They are in their 80’s and I worry about their health. Thank you.

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      Glenda Fly

      Make sure you have good wax rings under your toilets-replace them, look to make sure all P-traps have water in them, third, all of your plumbing vent must be clear. Last, if a vent goes out thr roof too close to a window, the right conditions can bring gas in. Try these and let us know at If these do not work, we try again, I am a licenced plumber with 30 years, hope it helps.

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      Glenda Fly

      I’m sorry, the E-Mail is

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