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      Brian O’Donohue

      I just bought a 42 year old house and one of the tubs drains slowly. I have used Liquid Drano and have plunged it to death with no results. I am beginning to think that the stopper which is an
      internal type with the up and down handle on the overflow might be broken.

      The question is: Is it possible to remove the drain (which is missing one of its crosshairs)?
      If so does it unscrew? What is it screwed to? The drain pipe going to the sewer or is it attached to the tub?

      I assume that I will need to remove this in order to get to the stopper? When I remove the overflow cover the handle shaft doesn’t seem to be connected to anything.

      Thanks Much,

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      Retired plbg1

      Sounds like lift rod on stopper is broke are come loose.Go to http://www.google.com and ask them how to install a waste and overflow for a tub, they will show you a pic.

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