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      I am finishing my basement, and need to move my thermal expansion tank. When the house was built, it seems that it was placed in the easiest location that it could have been installed (dead center of my room in between the water in and the hot water tank).

      Can I simply extend the T to move the thermal expansion tank? Doing this will add about 3 feet of pipe, so it can be hidden in a wall I am building. If I can do this, do I simply shut the water off, drain the hot water tank, and then just sweat in the extension pipe? Or is it more than this? Do I have to repressurize the thermal expansion tank?

      Thanks in Advance


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      Harold Kestenholz

      I can only guess that it is the older type of expansion tank that looks like a large drum. If so, you just have to move it and then when you fill the system the tank will pressurize from water entering it as the system is filled. A diaphragm tank just has to be moved as the bladder is already charged.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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