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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

      After having installed a new single lever Moen faucet in my tub, I have always experienced rattling pipes when turning it on, until I go past the cold side and into the hot. After reading up on water hammer and it’s causes I learned that replacing a slower dual valve with a single could cause the pipes to act in this way, from water pressure being too high. After opening the access port to the tub to see if I could tie down any loose pipes, I realized that there is a shut-off in the cold line before the valve body. I turned on the faucet until it was at “hammer setting”, and turned down the cold shut-off, thus reducing the pressure and the noise faded away. I still have plenty of pressure for a shower. I was just wondering if this is acceptable as a solution.

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      Avatar photoRetired plbg1

      You should install a prv in the main line.

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      Avatar photoSelgas

      Another concept would be to install a water hammer arrester in the line – this will stop the hammering affect completely.
      By fitting a Pressure Reducing Device in the line will cause the water pressure to be less than the “Full on” pressure but will assist with the cure.

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      Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

      In 41 years of Plumminn, I have never found loose pipes to be a cause of water hammer.

      Loose pipes move because of the water motion within them.

      clipping the pipes will not stop the motion of the water.

      normally the valves in taps float & when the water is stopped suddenly as in a mixer, the valve moves violently causing a bounce or hammer. The loose pipes move as well because of the sudden stop, sound travels well in copper & the pipes rattle. stop the valve bounce & the rattle will cease as well but the pipes will still move & if in close proximity to another pipe or wall the pipes will bang again.

      Change the stop tap to a Ball type or Gate type & clip the pipes. Only then, may you have to install a “Hammer arrestor” for years we used to “Swage” the stem of the valve but the regulators stopped that.


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      Avatar photobungie


      When did they stop us doing that, and why ??

      Bob (bungie)

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      Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

      Hey Bungie, I thaught you were asleep. The last time I was speeking to Ken Rebetski fro Tsville Tafe he was telling us that to modify a Plumbing item we need MP 52 approval.
      But it still works!

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      Avatar photobungie

      Morning Bob,

      Still the best way to kill a water hammer. Pin the jumper valves. Might just not tell the inspectors

      No time to sleep at the moment, work down here is crazy. I have nine blokes on the books at the moment.


      All advice is given with-out seeing the job, and hence all advice MUST be taken as advice with limited knowledge on the exact situation. NO responsibility can or will be taken. And yes, I am a licensed Plumber and Drainer with my own business in Brisbane Australia.
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