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      My aunt bought a house that has a large, wall-hung Standard (NOT American Standard) bath sink. It is china, with an integral molded spout. The handles are chrome. It has towel bars on both sides that fasten to the two legs in front. The drain stopper is broken, and some of the hardware and chrome on the bottom of the legs is damaged, or missing. Can anyone help–FAST???

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      Retired plbg1
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      Retired plumber,
      Thanks for your reply! I had to change my user
      name to register–it wouldn’t let me use CLC.

      One of the websites (the top one) is either dead
      or moved. I got an error message on it. The other one looks promising–I sent an email query to them on my plumbing problem. Hope I can get this solved fairly soon!

      Thanks again–if you know of other sources, please send them along?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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