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      I live in a old farmhouse and just had a new septic system installed. Everything from the drains on down is brand new. Now a month is passed and were getting a smell coming from the wall between the bathroom and bedroom. This used to be an exterior wall but the bedroom addition was put on 15 years ago. I climbed on the roof and the bathroom vent stinks to high heaven. Heres the kicker. It only stinks maybe 3-4 days a week. I have noticed it stinks when we have high pressure weather and the barometirc pressure is above 29.5. Things I have checked.
      All connections in the house and under the house. No leaking or standing water anywhere.

      Vent is clear all the way down but there is a tiny bit of water at the bottom I can see.

      The old septic tank is under the house but it has been sealed and filled with lime.

      The smell is NOT to be found ANYWHERE under the house.

      I don’t think it has to do with the septic system. It has to be the vent. Could settling of the different additions cracked the vent and cause the smell to come thru the walls?? this would explain why on low pressure days it doesn’t stink because it can escape thru the vent with ease, and on high pressure days it can’t escape as easily so it comes thru the crack?? It’s a 2″ metal vent. Could I just run 1.5″ pipe inside of it? Thanks for help in advance


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      you need to put a smoke test on you drain and vent system. this will find any leaks you may have in your system if you have any.

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